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5 Time-Saving Productivity Tips

Work Smarter, Not Harder


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by Susan Briggs in Blogs
June 7, 2017

Summer has arrived which means your pet business is busy. Taking time-off becomes even more challenging so we are sharing five productivity tips that help you work smarter, not harder.

  1. Do the right work – As business owner or manager most of your time should be spent managing and supporting your team that provides pet services. Consider how much time you are spending on admin tasks or other responsibilities that someone else could perform cheaper and easier than you. Summer is a great time to try out hiring a part-time assistant that can handle supply orders, report generation, time corrections and many other ongoing tasks for your business.
  2. Organize your workflow – For many this means your paper and digital inflow and storage. How much time do you spend looking for files or documents? Using cloud storage and a good filing system saves time. Computer search tools are a big time-saver until you get your folders organized.
  3. Manage your Time – Working from a calendar is the key to successful time management. Block off time for your standing meetings and appointments first (include personal time as well as business). Next find at least a half day each week to block off for un-interrupted time for you to complete projects or review operating and financial reports. You may also set up a daily block of time when you return calls and respond to emails. Stick to your calendar to get more work done in less time. Also try the 2 minute rule – if there is a task that will take you two minutes or less to complete, finish it immediately so it’s off your pending list.
  4. Systemize Task & Project Lists – There are great free technology tools that make it easy to manage daily tasks and bigger projects. Once you invest a little time in creating your system these tools become your second brain. You no longer have to remember anything, just add it to your future task or project list and the software will remind you when it’s due. (I use Remember the Milk for tasks and Trello for projects; and both are free).
  5. Set Boundaries – The first four steps set the stage for improving productivity. The final step requires your own discipline to achieve big productivity gains. Stick to your plans by saying no to someone that wants to meet during your project work block of time (most people are satisfied when you offer them an alternative time). Minimize distractions during your project and meeting times by turning off phones and email notifications.

You’ll be surprised how productive you can be with a few uninterrupted hours of time each week.

Now the key is to spend some of the time you save enjoying summer activities with your own pets, family and friends.


  1. Kasey Litt says:

    The right work isn’t all work…got to remember that!

    1. Susan Briggs says:

      Yes Kasey, that’s important so be sure to make time for your own fun this summer!

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