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It’s an honor for me to work with business owners and share my mistakes and experiences so your journey as a business owner becomes a little easier. With over twelve years owning and operating Urban Tails, a large multi-service pet center, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of lessons in creating a successful pet business.

I’ve been an active member of our industry trade associations and regularly attend seminars and events exchanging ideas with hundreds of other business owners. I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience to help you create a business you love and a lifestyle you enjoy.

You have several options on how you can work with me. Once you review the list if you are still not sure on the best option for you, then take advantage of a 15 minute FREE consult session. We’ll discuss your situation and I’ll guide you to the best resources for your goals and budget.

Free Options

Sharing ideas, tools and resources with others passionate about pet care and entrepreneurship is something we enjoy doing every day. You can get free insights and engagement with me through:

Products and Courses

Our product and course catalog has been created to help solve the most common problems and frustrations pet business owners face. Browse our store for the most economical way to pick my brain about finances, staff management, dog daycare and getting started in the pet services industry.

Consulting and Coaching

Recognizing that each business owner has a unique situation and set of needs, we offer four options for consulting or coaching. To find out more about any of the following services click here.

• Consulting Sessions
• Private Coaching
• Group Coaching
• On Site Training or Consulting


Creating and presenting educational seminars is a fun opportunity for me so you can usually find me on the agenda at the International Boarding and Pet Services conference and Barkleigh’s Pet Boarding and Daycare expos. I’ve also been a speaker at SuperZoo and Association of Pet Dog Trainers educational conferences. Check out our calendar for our current schedule of speaking engagements.

My educational background and pet industry experiences have provided multiple subjects for seminars. Following is a starter list of topics from my library and if you would like more information or specific seminar titles and descriptions click here.

  • Business and Personal Life Integration
  • Business Systems
  • Success
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Communication Skills for High Performing Team Members
  • Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow
  • Financial Management & Budgeting
  • Staff Management
  • Dog Daycare Operations


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Group Coaching

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