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Consulting and Coaching

One of my greatest joys as a pet industry expert is helping others and sharing what was learned through trial and error in over twelve years of operating Urban Tails. Crystal Canine’s consulting and coaching services are designed to offer a range of options for any budget.

Review our options and if you are not sure of the best place to start schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consult. We will make an assessment and work together to create a plan that meets your business goals and budget.

You will have an option at the end of your 15-minute free consult to continue with a paid consult right away or schedule for a later date. Payment via credit card is expected at the end of each consult session; all major credit cards are accepted. *FREE 15-minute phone consult applies to first time calls only.

Consulting Sessions

With our consulting option there are no long-term contracts or commitments required so you control the budget and project priorities.

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Consulting sessions can be scheduled in 30-minute increments. Phone consulting rates are $125 for half an hour or $225 per hour.

Private Coaching

As a business coach I enjoy working with business owners that are looking to grow their business while maintaining a lifestyle they enjoy. As a coaching client you will have ongoing sessions scheduled with me.

Determine your business goals and be held accountable on making progress. Operate with peace of mind knowing you as you work to achieve your goals you also have support to brainstorm and quickly solve problems that arise in your business.

Clients that select on-going private coaching services with a signed contract lock-in our best rates for services ($125 per hour for email support and all project-related time spent). An initial commitment of 90 days and minimum of six sessions is requested of our private coaching clients.

Group Coaching

My Success Pet Biz is a group-coaching program created to help systemize your business so it operates without you. Combine the best of an online course and business coaching when you become a member of the My Successful Pet Biz program.

My Successful Pet Biz members are VIP’s to Crystal Canine so you also receive special offers for new courses added to our library. Alumni that complete both the Strong Foundation and Grow Revenue programs also have exclusive access to join our Master Mind group. As part of a Master Mind you get ongoing support and input on business opportunities and challenges you face from me and peers that have similar business goals.

Onsite Training or Consulting

Some situations are best resolved with an onsite visit that allows for observation of your facility and operations in action. For onsite staff training for dog daycare attendants we require that the team complete Knowing Dogs staff training before the session is scheduled. This allows our time during the onsite to be focused on implementing leadership skills and problem solving rather than basics covered in Knowing Dogs.

A minimum of sixty days notice is required to schedule an onsite training or consulting session outside of the Houston area. In addition to a per day rate of $2,200 travel expense reimbursement is required. To inquire about scheduling an onsite training or consulting session send an email to

Typical Consulting Topics

Schedule your consulting session for any topic related to operating a pet care center. Following are some of the reasons that other clients schedule sessions:

  • Too many dogs are getting injured during our playgroups.
  • Our playgroup dogs are out of control. Frequent barking, charging through gates and rough play.
  • What is the best way to train my playgroup staff?
  • How do you screen dogs for playgroups?
  • I would like to add off-leash dog play to my center, but not sure how to get started.
  • We had a serious or unusual dog incident case and would like input on how to best handle or avoid in the future.
  • My employees are draining me with their drama, demands or failure to do their jobs as outlined.
  • I’m new to pet care, ready to open my own center and am looking for an experienced mentor to guide me through the planning process.
  • I need a raise! How can I improve my business profits so I can pay myself more?
  • I’m exhausted working 70+ hour weeks at my center and need to change my schedule.
  • I have an idea to improve my business and would like outside input on risks, benefits and implementation.
  • What new revenue sources would be a good fit for my pet center?
  • How can I reduce my payroll or operating expenses to improve profits?


I have been worCanine Retreatking with Susan Briggs since before I opened Canine Retreat, a full service dog boarding, daycare, grooming and training facility in Los Angeles. Susan has helped tremendously with all aspects of the business from finance to operations to marketing. She has helped me focus on what’s important and set goals and timelines to stay productive. Having run her own facility and written books on the topic and having created the best staff training program in the industry she is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Her help has contributed directly to happier dogs, happier clients, increased profitability and less staff drama! Running a business can seem all encompassing but one of the most rewarding aspects has been having Susan’s help to work on my business and not just in my business. I highly recommend her consulting services for anyone in the industry.

~Jeff Y, Harbour City, CA  

IBPSAThe business had come to a standstill. There was plenty of work to do, customers to serve, some money to spend, but we were not moving forward. Susan’s consulting abilities changed our business direction, revitalized our vision and mission, created new ways for our business to expand, but mostly gave us a business clarity that changed how we thought about our business. We no longer function from a place of fear or accept the idea that we do not have any control. In fact, we now function from a place of celebration and gratitude as we plan our business future and consider how we will overcome obstacles that may present themselves as we move forward. Susan’s insight to finances, business challenges, customer service, and 21st century marketing techniques are guaranteed to help any business owner become more successful.

Carmen R., New Mexico


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