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Key Performance Indicators Workbook Part 2

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In this next level of Key Performance Indicators, we build on the metrics introduced in Part 1. These 16 spreadsheets are divided into three workbooks (Financials, Operations, and Marketing). In addition to building on previous metrics, this level adds in the marketing metrics of your website as well as those of traditional methods, including the tracking of how well your staff is converting prospects to actual clients.

Whether you are a seasoned pet care professional or new to the industry, these 3 workbooks containing 16 templates with detailed instructions will give you a powerful tool in making business decisions easier and with less frustration. You will have empirical data at your fingertips to aid in making clean and concise decisions. You won’t need to worry about what your competitor down the street is doing. You will KNOW how healthy your business is because you have the data to prove it!

These workbooks and spreadsheets are a must for those using Point of Sale software systems as well as those who manually keep records. Your data will be presented in a manner that is easy to read and interpret. Simple spreadsheets simplify your decision making process!

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This is the only KPI product in our industry that was designed, developed and tested by Pet Care Professionals.

Created by Al Bowman ⁄ © Copyright 2017 Crystal Canine LLC

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