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I burnt out and sold Urban Tails, my pet business after twelve years. This was not the original exit plan, but I came to the realization that the only way for me to be happy was to sell my business. Interestingly once I shared this decision with some of my pet business owning friends I found out they felt the same way. A few of them actually sold their businesses too.

This trend bothered me. We all loved caring for pets and planned to operate our businesses until retirement.

So what went wrong?

• Too much time was spent working “in our business versus on it”.
• Time was spent putting out fires versus building sound systems
• Self-care was a low priority
• Personal lifestyle needs were ignored to focus on creating business success

My goal was to not repeat these mistakes with Crystal Canine so I decided to study successful business people. I wanted to learn how they created a successful business and a lifestyle they loved.

I’m hoping what I found out will help you find long-term success and happiness with your pet business.

The first key to success to create sound systems and be disciplined to work on versus in your business. Next you need to be intentional on setting priorities to take care of yourself so you have the energy for all aspects of your life.

We do have control on how we spend our time and it is important to decide the balance you really want between your business and other areas like family, friends and hobbies.mspbsq

If you relate to these challenges and are ready to make a change then My Successful Pet Biz is for you. This is a holistic online course and group coaching program that guides you step-by-step in taking your business and lifestyle from where it is today to your vision of success. Take an important step in avoiding your own burn out.


Plan Produce PlayFinding extra time to work on your business can be challenging. This is a common problem for busy business owners. If you struggle to find time to complete your “owner duties” you may need to start with our Plan, Produce and Play: Time Management Skills & Productivity Tips online course for details on how you can add 8 hours to your week by working smarter, not harder.  You can use those extra 8 hours working on your business!


If you are new to the pet industry and business ownership then My Successful Pet Biz can help you avoid my mistakes. Learn how to create your business so you enjoy your lifestyle as a business owner from the beginning using sound systems.

Also be sure to check out our New to Pet Care page for products that provide short cuts to planning your successful pet business.


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