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Customer Service and Marketing

customer service marketing

Growing a successful pet business and retaining clients requires strong customer service and marketing systems. You may love pets, but the reality of owning a pet business is you need to love working with people too. Pet parents pay the bills and in addition to exceptional care of their pets they expect excellent service.

The first step in providing excellent customer service is having great communication skills. To help you and your team refresh your skills check out our Communications online course with exercises customized for pet businesses.

mspbsqCreating strong systems in Customer Service and Marketing is key to your long-term success. These are two of the core systems that comprise the My Successful Pet Biz online course and group-coaching program. You can learn more about our holistic program that helps you transition your business from where it is today to where you want it to be here.

At Crystal Canine we love to collaborate with other professionals that share our passion for pet care.

The following partners are specialists in Customer Service or Marketing. We encourage you to check out their programs and services if you are looking for specific help in any of these areas:

  • Customer service and sales training by Lori Davis of Paramount Success Grouppsg-01
  • ¬†Attracting more clients or specific marketing strategy assistance from Mike Linville of Black Dog Marketingblackdog
  • Copy writing for your website, marketing campaigns or emails contact Amber Carlton of Comma Houndcommahound-logo-horizontal-print
  • Website design and SEO by the pet services team at Market Hardware
  • Digital marketing execution by Tom Tran, a consultant that can be contacted at