Create More Time to Enjoy Life

in the New Year

But first I’d like to share a personal story.

It’s about how I avoided burnout.

When you love your work it’s an easy trap to fall into and for me this was somewhat ironic as I had been down this path previously as owner of Urban Tails.

I was determined not to go there again with Crystal Canine so knew something had to change.

The hard part was facing the reality that the way I worked was the problem. I was reacting to accommodate each client appointment request, most recent email project suggestion or blog deadline. In trying to serve my clients I felt like the hamster on the wheel that ran hard, but went nowhere.

Everything changed when I made the decision to take control of my schedule and work priorities. I studied time management and productivity tips from successful entrepreneurs. My goal was to learn how to work smarter to keep my clients happy, produce more programs and have more time off to enjoy my life.

Last year was best one yet for my business and I worked a lot less. I even unplugged for over two weeks during my bucket-list trip to Antarctica. When I returned home I knew I had to share what I’d learned to help other entrepreneurs love their business and enjoy their lifestyle.

Are you too tired to have fun with your own pets?

Do you feel tethered to your business while on vacation?

Does your business keep you from enjoying time with family and friends?

If you answered yes to these questions, we can help you…

Create New Work Habits

Plan, Produce and Play: Time Management Skills and Productivity Tips is an online course utilizing our 7 Step Action Plan that will help you get more done in less time. You will be guided step-by-step through proven productivity techniques that are easy for a busy business owner to implement.

A Holistic Approach to Improve Your Productivity

You will love our holistic approach that combines the best workflow management skills and productivity tips into one comprehensive program. There are many time management courses available, but none include ALL the content you really need to control and prioritize work as a business owner. Learn secrets used by successful entrepreneurs to produce more and spend less time at your business.

Plan, Produce and Play:

Time Management Skills and Productivity Tips 

guides you through

7 Steps that will Skyrocket Your Productivity.

  • Get clarity on your best ways to spend your time to achieve more.
  • Learn to organize your workflow to eliminate time wasting actions.
  • Improve your time management skills to control your own schedule.
  • Use the secrets to managing tasks, projects, and meetings to get more done.
  • Implement healthy habits that increase your energy and stamina.
  • Set boundaries and overcome distractions to produce more.
  • Establish priorities and make decisions to achieve your goals.

The online format allows you to study when your schedule allows and implement techniques as you go. You also have the flexibility to focus first on your weak areas and implement tools that will bring immediate results.

I've Walked in Your Shoes

"After implementing these techniques, I was able to take my bucket list trip to Antarctica and totally disconnect for two weeks from my business. While on vacation my business continued to make money and the best part was spending less than one hour catching up on emails when I got home!"

Plan, Produce and Play: Time Management Skills and Productivity Tips  gives you the tools and resources to create a structured system where you control your time and schedule. You'll gain time that you can spend developing your team and moving your business forward.

Creating and implementing this system I have saved 24 hours per week! Not only am I able to get more work done, I now enjoy weekends and take real vacations. Starting out you can expect to save at least 4 hours per week or over 200 hours per year. Enough time to take a week of vacation, an extra day off every month and still get more work done for your business.


Use our tools and resources to create a healthier balance between work and play.


Implement our 7 Step Action Plan and create a system where you control your schedule.


Take your dream vacation while your business continues to run without you.

You have 2 options when you register:

Enroll as an INDIVIDUAL or as a TEAM

Imagine the positive changes for your business when your supervisors and managers learn to improve their time management and productivity skills in the same program you use. We will even help you train your team by including an extra bonus, Plan Produce & Play Coaching Guide FREE for all team registrations.


  • Personal Registration
  • Content: 9 Lessons
  • Personal Workbook
  • 3 Months Course Access
  • BONUS: Your Guide to Delegating for Success
  • BONUS: An Inside Peek to Susan's Annual Planning Process
Total Value $550

Course Fee $129


  • Registration for 5 Team Members
  • Content: 9 Lessons
  • Personal Workbook
  • 12 Month Course Access
  • BONUS: Your Guide to Delegating for Success
  • BONUS: An Inside Peek to Susan's Annual Planning Process
  • BONUS: Plan Produce & Play Coaching Guide
Total Value $725

Course Fee $349

You may ask if the course is so valuable, why is it priced so low? I want everyone to feel like I did after my Antarctica adventure and do not want the price to be a reason not to do this.

Consider this:

If it weren’t for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn’t get done.  ~Michael S. Traylor

Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress. ~Alfred A. Montapert

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. ~Michael Altshuler​

How the Course Works:

Once you register for Plan, Produce and Play: Time Management Skills and Productivity Tips you will receive your personal course log-in details. On the course dashboard you will find a welcome page with your bonuses, course workbook and a short introductory video. You can immediately get started by downloading your workbook and reading through the introduction.

You will also have access to all three modules of course content immediately. You can work through one module each week and have your new workplan in place in less than a month. Since you have access to all content you can also dive in and work through all modules in a week. You have control of your schedule and the pace at which you complete the course.

Module 1: Plan – Lessons that Prepare You to Work More Efficiently

Lesson 1 – Your Genius Zone

Lesson 2 – Organize Your Workflow

Lesson 3 – Time Management Skills

Lesson 4 – Managing Tasks, Projects & Meetings

Module 2: Produce – Implement Your New Tools and Be More Productive

Lesson 1 – Healthy Habits

Lesson 2 – Set Boundaries & Overcome Distractions

Lesson 3 – Prioritize

Module 3: Play – Spend Your Extra Time Enjoying the Year

Lesson 1 – Remember Your Rewards

Lesson 2 – Scheduling Time Off to Relax, Recharge & Have Fun!

Individuals have access to the course content for 3 months and teams for 12.

Team members can be registered for the course at any time during your twelve-month access.

What Others Are Saying...

Love this program. I'm opening my daycare next summer, this program is helping me NOW. This is helping me to get organized and how to set-up great habits to implement when I open and how to teach my staff!” - Sarah S, OR

I thoroughly enjoyed the class!” - Chris J, TX

I have learned to value my time and make it a priority. I am generally less stressed and more productive!” – Elaine W, NY

It’s amazing and I’m loving it!” Vic W, MD

Register now for Plan, Produce and Play:

Time Management Skills and Productivity Tips

Plan, Produce and Play will give you the tools and resources to create a system where you control your time and schedule. You’ll spend your time on strategic business priorities that develop your team and move your business forward.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Susan Briggs
Creator of Plan, Produce & Play

About the Author

Crystal Canine was founded to keep owning a pet business the best career in the world! After 12 years owning and operating Urban Tails, a large dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training center in Houston, TX my passion has transitioned to helping fellow pet care business owners. As a recognized leader in the dog daycare industry my goal is to make all off-leash play programs safer. The people I meet in this industry motivate me to make a difference by providing tools to make your career as a business owner easier. My frustrations as owner of Urban Tails came from a lack of training materials for my staff and frequent financial stress. Using my educational background in accounting, my study of social dog behavior and my gifts for training others I now create programs and tools specifically designed for the pet industry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose as we will refund 100 % of your registration fee if you are not completely satisfied after completing the first three lessons in module one. You get to KEEP the bonus PDF, Your Guide to Delegating for Success, absolutely free of charge.

Take a moment to think about how it would feel to actually spend weekends with your family without interruptions or go on vacation and not think about your business. You enjoy your time off feeling confident in all your business has achieved. You can make this a reality by investing time improving your work habits. Your pets are ready to help you get the fun back in your life!

P.S.  This offer ends soon so don’t miss out on being able to relax and take time away from your business…you are only 7 Steps Away. 

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