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You probably know how much communication failures cost your business in discounts or free services to clients. For most of you those numbers are probably low, but what you may not realize is that your business could still be wasting THOUSANDS of dollars each year as a result of communication breakdowns.

​Even successful pet businesses responded to a survey that they had experienced at least one of the following types of communication issues in the past three months:

​• Staff drama

• Customer service issue

• Co-worker dispute

• Procedural difference between shifts

• Supervisor and staff issue

• Miscommunication between departments

• Negative online reviews


How much time was spent getting to a resolution?

 How many people were involved?

 What productive work could have gotten done during that time?​

The Cost of Communication Breakdowns ADD Up!

To get an idea of the full impact of communication breakdowns check out our short video:

Curious on how much breakdowns are costing your business?

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The video reflects the lowest estimate we found on the cost of staff turnover of $4,160 for hourly staff. Some experts state the cost is equivalent to 6 or 9 months of wages. That would mean each lost staff member could cost you $13,000 - $19,000!

Another cost we did not even estimate is business lost from clients that stop coming after a dispute or prospects not converted to clients due to a poor first impression of your business. Do you ever have greeting fails?

The cost of communication breakdowns for your business can easily exceed $20,000 per year! The cost of staff drama, employee turnover and unhappy clients is money coming out of your pocket!

Create a Culture of Communication

Not only could you have $20,000 more in your pocket to spend, but with a culture of communication many of the frustrations about your business could go away.

Just imagine walking into your business hearing laughter and clients being greeted with enthusiasm. You see smiles as staff perform their pet care duties and can quickly settle into your office to work on your priorities. Suddenly two hours have passed by without an interruption. Your manager arrives for your weekly one-on-one session with a list of questions and even recommends a procedure change that will save time and supplies. As you head out for lunch you observe the groomer confirming with the receptionist instructions for a new dog’s groom. Since the day is going so smoothly you decide to take the afternoon off and schedule a massage.

If you feel like you just woke up from an impossible dream, think again. This could be closer to your reality than you realize.

There are two key factors to creating a culture of communication.

First is ensuring all staff members understand and use professional communication skills. If you cannot hire team members with good communication skills then you can train them yourself.

Communication Skills

for Pet Care Professionals

Is an online course now available that makes it easy to ensure that each of your staff has the core communication skills to positively influence teamwork.

The comprehensive course has over four hours of content that includes:

• 12 video lessons covering basic communication skills to managing conflict

• 20 video demonstrations using typical pet care situations

• Handbook to apply concepts learned to pet industry examples

• “Get It Right” Communication Tips Guide

• Course support through a private Facebook group

Maximize Your Impact with a System

Training is important to ensure each staff member has a foundation of basic skills. However, to create consistency and a culture of communication that meets your specific expectations you need to implement a communication system.

Your communication system is the key to creating a caring culture and workplace that employees enjoy. A sound system is an investment that pays you back by reducing turnover, improving customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

Check out a sample lesson excerpt from

Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals.

Communication System Customized

for Pet Care Businesses

Understanding the unique nature of professional pet care, our program Improve Communication…Improve Your Business is a complete solution and long-term fix to your communication breakdowns.

Team registrants meet this goal by:

STEP 1: Creating a sound system of communication in your business using our

Communication Plan Development Guide

STEP 2: Training all staff members using the online course,

Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals

Save thousands of dollars in your business every year by

improving communication that will minimize:

  • Time wasting conversations
  • Service errors from unclear instructions
  •  Workplace frustrations
  • Staff drama
  • Customer service fails
  • Your time spent as “referee”

The RESULT is your business IMPROVES in:

  • Team Work
  • Productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Management time available for New projects, Marketing & Growing Profits

What Pet Professionals Had to Say About Our

Communication Seminar:

"Used dog communication references that we can relate to."  C Martel, New Hampshire

Love exploring the topic of communication and recognize that this is still at the foundation of a successful business.”  M Schmidt, North Carolina

Back to the basics. I didn’t expect to learn much as I’ve been managing employees for over 25 years, but it was a much needed refresher!”   Anonymous

Thorough, great speaker with great tools to use.”   J Bulan, New York

Fantastic information!”  J Klavon, Pennsylvania  

“Susan could take the most boring situation or topic and make it interesting.”  Anonymous

Purchase a “Done-for-You” Communication System

for Your Pet Business

Select the best option for your business based on size of your team and the level of support you desire getting your communication system in place. You can start with an Individual course registration to evaluate our content. We’ll offer you an opportunity to upgrade to a Team registration before your registration expires and credit for your individual course payment to the team registration fee.


Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals - Course Registrations

Course Access Timeline

Course Handbook PDF

Private Course Facebook Group – during course access timeline

“Get It Right” Guide PDF

Leader Guide PDF

Communication Plan Development Guide PDF

Reduced Team Course Rate for Additional Registrations (includes 6 month course access)

Course Final Exam & Certificate of Completion for each registration

“Get It Right” Guide Editable Word Doc

Private Leader Facebook Group – Ongoing member support as you improve your culture of communication

Communication Plan Implementation Support Group Calls (30 minutes each; recorded in the event you miss one)


1,  Member Only

4 Months

Basic Team

3,  Member plus 2

6 Months

*Premium Team

3,  Member plus 2

6 Months

*Our next Premium Team group registration will open in October 2017*


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*Premium Team





Your satisfaction is assured with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose as we will refund 100% of your registration fee if you are not completely satisfied after completing the first three lessons in module one for individuals and baseline KPI/Business Communication Plan for teams. You get to KEEP the bonus PDF, Get it Right Guide, absolutely free of charge.

Do you have more than two other staff members to train?

Your team registration includes a benefit of special pricing for enrolling additional staff members in the online course, Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals.

Additional Team Member Registration Package Options:

Add more employees to the course now or in the future – available to team registrants only

Individual Registration: $209 each (4 month access to online videos)

2 team member package: $358 total; $179 each (6 month access to online videos)

5 team member package: $695 total; $139 each (6 month access to online videos)

Here’s How the Program Works

Individual Registrations:

Recommended Course Completion Timeline

Your registration includes four months access to the video lessons. So plan to complete one lesson per week. This pace allows time to practice using the new communication skills you learn before moving on to the next lesson.

  • Week 1 - 3
  • Week 4 - 6
  • Week 7 - 9
  • Week 10 -12

Module 1: Basic Skills Lessons

  • Lesson 1 – Communication in Professional Situations, Real Listening Skills & Appropriate Self-Disclosure
  • Lesson 2 – Safe Environments, Four Types of Expression & Message Clarity
  • Lesson 3 – Effective Communication Checklist

Mid-way through your course registration period we will check to see if you want to upgrade to a team package. You can also email us at anytime and request an upgrade and we’ll credit your individual course package to the team program.


  • First 30 Days
  • Days 31 - 60 
  • Days 61 - 90
  • Owner and Managers go through online course, Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals
  • Make notes on lessons that you will share details from your Business Communication Plan
  • Premium team registrants -
  • Join Group Call 3 where we answer questions on finalizing your Business Communication Plan and on leading your team through the online course, Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals

Improving communication skills requires practice and your course leader guide provides suggested answers to the staff handbook exercises and bonus role-play scenarios. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to:

Improve Communications…Improve Your Business.

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