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Susan Briggs

Keeping Pet Care the Best Career in the World!

So you can have the same joy you felt the day you opened your business



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My Successful Pet Business is a 12-step plan for systematizing your business so you make more money and have more freedom.

Pet business owners wear a lot of hats and if you feel that too much of your time is spent fighting fires we can help. Sound systems are the secret to your business operating without you. My Successful Pet Biz is a holistic program encompassing the six key functional business systems.


Crystal Canine products and courses have been designed to eliminate your stress and overwhelm. Susan spent 12 years in your shoes and is driven to make life easier for you. Our mission is to help you feel pet care is the best career in the world.

What others had to say about My Successful Pet business…

My Successful Pet Biz has something for every aspect of the business.  Because of the way it is organized and structured, you can address one aspect at a time and not become overwhelmed. This really allowed me to effectively apply what I learned in the course to my business.

Dave Zellmer, Paws in Motion, Virginia

My Successful Pet Business has improved my work life balance. As a result of the course, I have been able to shrink my work week from 60-70 hours per week to 40-50 hours per week.

Kim Vaughn, Ruff Housing, North Carolina