Life is better with dogs, rocks and pedicures!

Follow my blog for inspiration on joyful living. I share thoughts on getting clear on my passion, feeding my spirit and prioritizing self-care to help you live a “better life”. Find more joy in your pet care business or chosen career. Know that a positive energy boost to your day is just a click away by reading the latest entry in “Life is better with dogs, rocks and pedicures.”


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  • What Can You Buy With 40 Cents?

    I’m on a mission to get you to attend one of the fall pet services seminars so we’re updating a post shared last year that is still relevant today. Attending these events is a soapbox issue for me as co-founder of the Professional Animal Care Certification Council or PACCC . The volunteers creating our testing and certification […]

  • Pet Care Certification: A Big Change in the Industry

    As a follower of my blog the availability of independent third party pet care certification is great news. You value education and prioritize safe pet care practices. The challenge is getting pet parents in your market to understand the difference this makes. This month the Professional Animal Care Certification Council announced the testing window for […]

  • Installing a Dog Pool? Five Things to Know First

    As summer comes to a close it seems the perfect time to revisit one of our most popular articles on installing a dog pool. We hope you enjoy and learn from our experiences. I love living in Houston even in the summer, but the past week it’s just been too hot. My mind keeps thinking […]

  • Five Steps to Taming the Email Beast

    How much time do you spend each week processing emails? An email I received this week stated that average workers spend 28% of their time processing email which equates to 13 hours a week. This makes improving email productivity a great opportunity to gain time for other business priorities or increased me time. Following are […]

  • You Deserve a Raise in Pay!

    You definitely deserve a raise in pay if you are the typical pet business owner that participated in our financial survey. This week we received the detailed final report of 2015 financial results that Crystal Canine and the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA) survey annually. Every year I look forward to this peek […]